Families: Concrete benefits of staying in Montreal

30 Sep 2021


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The leader of Projet Montréal, Valérie Plante, together with the candidate for mayor of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension, Laurence Lavigne Lalonde, unveiled a plan to support Montréal families, simplify their daily lives and offer them substantial savings. With this plan, Projet Montréal is committed to :

  • Halving the cost of public transit for 12 to 17 year olds. A monthly pass, which costs $54 today, will eventually cost only $27.
  • Offer free admission to the institutions of Espace pour la vie and the museums of the City of Montreal for young people aged 17 and under;
  • Implement a strategy to support the development of early childhood centres (CPE) in all boroughs.

Projet Montréal is aiming for a gradual implementation of these measures in 2023. They aim to put more money in the pockets of families, increase the use of public transportation for future generations, facilitate cultural activities at a lower cost for all families in the city, and allow Montreal families to send their children to an early childhood centre closer to home, in their neighbourhoods. They also add to Projet Montréal's commitment to offer families a 9th week of day camp during the last week of August.


"We are doing everything we can to attract and retain families in Montreal, because they are at the heart of the city's identity and its economic vitality. For a family with two children, the reduction in STM fares represents a saving of $650, in addition to free access to the City's cultural spaces. With this additional money in the pockets of families and our strategy for the development of CPEs in Montreal, we want to simplify the lives of existing and future families and give them concrete incentives to stay in Montreal," said Valérie Plante, leader of Projet Montréal and mayor of Montreal.

"Investing in families is investing in our quality of life, our economy, and our future. Keeping families in Montreal neighbourhoods is at the heart of Projet Montréal and we have a clear plan to achieve this. With affordable housing, reduced public transit fares, free cultural activities, and a better offer of daycare centres in all boroughs, Montreal will be an ally of families. Right here in Parc-Extension, our team has set aside 120 lots that the city could acquire for social housing, which will greatly facilitate the planning of CPEs in the area. These establishments allow women to return to the labour market more quickly, train new generations of citizens from here and elsewhere and simplify parents' schedules," added Laurence Lavigne Lalonde, candidate for mayor of the Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension borough.