New developments in the linear park of the railway wasteland: A first section soon accessible for the park of the Crossing

27 Aug 2021


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New developments in the linear park on the railway wasteland: A first section soon to be accessible for Parc de la TraverséeMontréal, August 27, 2021 - The development work on the new linear park on the railway wasteland, which will be called Parc de la Traversée, is progressing well! The borough mayor, Caroline Bourgeois, was saw how the work was progressing when she visited the site yesterday with her colleagues from borough council, members of the citizens' committee who have been involved in the project since the beginning, and Arthur Bourdon, the young winner of the contest to have a name for the park on the site.

"It's taking shape and it's really exciting! I don't think there's a day that goes by that I don't hear about this project. The work is progressing well and on schedule. We should be able to officially open the first section of the park soon," said Mayor Bourgeois.

Currently, the pedestrian pathway and two-way bike path are completed between 53rd and 32nd Avenues. There is a cultural stop behind the library as well as a rest stop near 42nd Avenue, which has yet to be completed. The intersections of 53rd Avenue and 43rd Avenue have been redone to ensure better safety for users. The crosswalks at 52nd and 32nd Avenue were also formalized. Hydroseeding, consisting of native and pollinating plants, will begin shortly. Fences will be installed to protect the seeded areas during the rooting process.

The members of the citizen's committee, who have been apart of the project since its inception, were present at the private visit of the construction site and were able to see with their own eyes their dream becoming a reality, even if many are already following the evolution of the project on a daily basis.

"We dreamed about this project so much, it's like our baby. We maintained the wasteland for four years with chores, we imagined every inch of this trail. Now that it's all coming to fruition, it makes us proud, especially since it's even more beautiful than we imagined! It gives me chills," said Michel Langlois, one of the committee members.

The borough had also taken care to invite the young Arthur Bourdon who had proposed the name "Parc de la Traversée" which was chosen by the jury. Here were his first impressions of his visit: "It's really a beautiful trail. I enjoyed taking the tour, to see what it will look like. It's also special to know that there's going to be a big sign with the name I proposed on it. I can't wait to be able to ride my bike around it!"

Upcoming work

During the month of September, work will progressively move west to First Avenue. In addition to the creation of the two-way lanes, the intersections of Tricentenaire Boulevard, 16th, 8th and 3rd Avenues will be made safer, trees will be planted, the recreational stop (Prince Albert and 19th Avenue) and the history and heritage stop (Victoria and Saint-Jean-Baptiste) will be built, the formalization of seven pedestrian crossings, the installation of street lights (as well as their commissioning by Hydro-Québec) and the installation of street furniture along the entire pathway. A full opening of the park is expected in October, although some work will continue until mid-November.

"If sanitary measures allow it in the coming weeks, we would like to organize an event that would allow us to present the Parc de la Traversée to citizens. This is a major project that will evolve over the years and will transform the face of Pointe-aux-Trembles in addition to having a direct impact on the quality of life of residents by promoting active transportation. There is much to celebrate," concluded the mayor.