Projet Montréal will make the protection of Anjou's green spaces a priority with a strong team

10 Sep 2021

Go back to NewsProjet Montréal will make the protection of Anjou's green spaces a priority with a strong team

Projet Montréal's leader, Valérie Plante, proudly presented the team of candidates for the borough of Anjou today. While Anjou's green spaces are greatly threatened by commercial and industrial developments, the mayor and her team have committed to maintaining Large Green Space or Recreation designation currently afforded to the Anjou Metropolitan Golf Club site, and to using the city's pre-emptive right to eventually integrate these lands into the nature park. This vision will preserve the green space vocation of the lands and fill an important gap in green space in the East End of Montréal.

The northern portion of the Anjou Metropolitan Golf Club property is already protected by the Large Green Space or Recreation designation. Denis Coderre and Luis Miranda want to change the zoning to destroy this green space and prevent any future expansion of the nature park. Projet Montréal will maintain the current zoning and is committed to doing everything possible to protect the southern part of the property, where the current Anjou administration has authorized the construction of a Costco and where green space is seriously threatened by other industrial developments.

Following the party's nomination process, the team of candidates democratically selected by the party's members in the borough consists of:

  • Borough Mayor: Kettly Beauregard
  • City Councillor for Anjou: François Plourde
  • Borough Councillor for Anjou Centre: Kadri Shérifi
  • Borough councillor in Anjou East: Claudia Servant


"During the next mandate, our team intends to put an end to the destruction of green spaces caused by the Coderre-Miranda tandem by using all levers available to protect all the lands of the Anjou Metropolitan Golf Club that have not yet been destroyed. Anjou is a key territory in the fight to reduce the deficit of green space in the East End of Montréal. We will maintain the Large Green Space designation of the northern part of the golf course, and when Kettly Beauregard's team is elected, we will have all the powers to protect the entire golf course. In this era of climate change and with the need to accelerate the green transition, it is certainly not the time to destroy precious green space, but rather to protect it. Ultimately, if the protected lands are put up for sale, our administration will acquire them and integrate them into the Bois-d'Anjou nature park. This will allow us to offer the population of the East End of Montréal new green spaces accessible to all, to fight against heat islands, which are too numerous in this sector of Anjou, and to improve the quality of life of the borough's population. - Valérie Plante

"The population of Anjou deserves to have access to quality green spaces. We want to be part of the solution and seriously fight climate change, which the current local administration is not ready to do. Only Projet Montréal has the will and the courage to stop the destruction of our borough's green spaces. Our team is committed to making the quality of life of Anjou residents our priority. We will not allow our borough to be driven by the interests of developers alone. - Kettly Beauregard, Anjou mayoral candidate

"Anjou is an ancient agricultural territory dotted with streams and wetlands. There are great economic benefits to counteracting huge heat islands and better managing stormwater. We cannot afford, in 2021, to pave over green space. The time has come to protect what can still be protected. Projet Montréal understands this and it is with pride that I join the team in Anjou to ensure the protection of the borough's green spaces and to ensure more sound and sustainable development of the borough, which will meet the needs and aspirations of the population." - François Plourde, candidate for City Councillor in Anjou