Projet Montréal presents its team tasked with revitalizing Montréal-Nord

11 Aug 2021

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The leader of Projet Montréal, Valérie Plante, is committed to revitalizing Montreal North with a competent team connected to the needs of the population, led by Will Prosper, candidate for mayor of the borough. Projet Montréal is unveiling the actions that will be taken to invigorate the borough of Montreal North, to support its population and ensure its safety.

By investing in it's network of community organizations, in it's sports infrastructure, in social housing, in green spaces, in sustainable mobility, in commercial arteries, but above all, by involving the population in the decision-making process, Projet Montréal intends to improve the quality of life in an area that has been neglected by previous local administrations for far too long.

Projet Montréal will be able to count, in Montreal North, on a solid team, connected to the needs of the population and able to create the necessary bridges to reveal the full potential of the borough. This team will be led by Will Prosper, a well-respected community worker, who co-founded the Hoodstock organization, and who has had a major impact on the development of the neighbourhood. He will be joined by Fatima Gabrielle Gomez Salazar, Mathieu Léonard and Ana Mejia, all of whom are already very involved in the borough.


"Montreal North must become a priority in the development of our city. Too many past administrations have ignored this key area, which has been slow to reach its full potential because of the inertia of the elected officials that were in office. In Montreal North, Projet Montréal has recruited a team of candidates who are competent, ambitious and connected to the needs of the population. All of Montreal will benefit from seeing the development of the North-East part of the city shift into high gear. - Valérie Plante

"Montreal North is not a disadvantaged neighbourhood, but it has been disadvantaged by the local administrations of Team Coderre and then later, of Ensemble Montréal. The time has come to give a new sense of pride to our borough. Our team knows the terrain and the needs of the population, especially the youth, to whom we must offer the winning conditions to succeed. I share the Mayor's vision for better access to public and active transportation, more green spaces, decent and affordable housing, more sports, cultural and community facilities, and an ambitious local economic recovery plan. This is what will allow us to sustainably revitalize our borough." - Will Prosper, candidate for mayor of Montréal-Nord


Projet Montréal unveils its team of candidates for the borough of Montréal-Nord :

  • Will Prosper, candidate for mayor of Montreal North ;
  • Fatima Gabrielle Gomez Salazar, candidate for City Councillor of the district of Ovide-Clermont;
  • Mathieu Léonard, candidate for City Councillor in the Marie-Clarac district;
  • Ana Mejia, candidate for borough councillor in the district of Marie-Clarac.

Projet Montréal is counting on a renewed sense of pride amongst people within the borough and on individual and collective empowerment to bring Montréal-Nord to its full potential. This new vision will include the development of better housing, more green spaces, increased support for local businesses, the development of sports facilities and better support for community groups.