Promenade-Bellerive: Projet Montréal restores access to the waterfront and commits to making swimming possible

03 Oct 2021


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Projet Montréal is committed to providing access to water and swimming at Promenade-Bellerive Park by the summer of 2022. The leader of Projet Montréal, Valérie Plante, wants Montrealers to more effectively cultivate their city's island nature and intends to ensure better access to the waterfront along the St. Lawrence and Rivière des Prairies.

In order to give back the waterfront to Montrealers, Projet Montréal wants to increase the number of water access facilities, such as riverside promenades, beaches, gazebos and the creation of fishing areas for the entire population to enjoy. A subsequent Projet Montréal administration will ensure that the small lots of land acquired along the riverbank following the 2017 and 2019 floods are developed and returned to the population to reduce the impact of future floods.

Access to the water at the Promenade-Bellerive Park

The possibility of using Promenade-Bellerive Park as an area accessible to the river has been recognized and the long process leading to its development is already well underway, so much so that swimming will be possible as early as next summer with the administration of Projet Montréal.

This project is made possible because the preliminary work, including studies and government approvals, has been rigorously carried out over the past three years at the direction of the local Projet Montréal administration.

Swimming: the last missing element

The Promenade-Bellerive park, a place highly valued by the community, has been developed over the past four years. Among other things, a new user-friendly public space has been created thanks to the Programme d'implantation de rues piétonnes et partagées (PIRPP). In addition to connecting the Promenade-Bellerive and Pierre-Tétreault parks, a section of Bellerive Street has been transformed into a rest area, where relaxation furniture, misting stations, games and a farmer's market converge during the summer months. Projet Montréal intends to improve and expand these facilities in the next mandate. The Bellerive rest area will soon host a café, a refreshment stand and a biergarten, in addition to cultural and recreational programming, developed in collaboration with the Société d'animation de la Promenade-Bellerive.


"For the population of East Montreal, the Promenade-Bellerive Park and its access to the St. Lawrence River are a must. People come here for a change of scenery, to rest, to picnic or to cool off. I am therefore very pleased to announce that as of next year, Montrealers will be able to swim there safely. For our team, access to our shorelines and waterways is a priority. We are determined to make our waterfront more accessible, to keep our shores healthy, and to celebrate our special city-island nature," said Valérie Plante, leader of Projet Montréal.

"I often say that the Promenade-Bellerive is the jewel of Montreal's east end, and we have treated it as such during our mandate. With the development of a space that brings people together, we have contributed to enhancing it. What is missing now is access to the river. This is the missing piece of the puzzle to make it an even more attractive place, where visitors will be able to enjoy the natural character of the area and all it has to offer," said Pierre Lessard-Blais, incumbent mayor of the borough of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

"Like me, the people of Tétreaultville have long dreamed of having access to the river from the Promenade-Bellerive. Now that we know that the quality of the water allows it, the dream is on the way to becoming reality, and it's really exciting. It is for the people of the neighbourhood, but also for all those who have recently discovered and adopted our beautiful park," said Suzie Miron, candidate for city councillor in the Tétreaultville district, in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.