Francois Limoges

Borough Mayor
Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie
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François Limoges has always been an agent of transformation wherever he goes. Passionate about municipal issues, he was first active in the Montreal Citizens' Rally (RCM) from 1997 to 2000. After graduating in political science, François became a member of Projet Montréal's executive board in 2006, and soon became responsible for communications for the party. The one constant in François' career is his commitment to civic engagement.

Having grown up in the heart of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, he was elected city councillor in 2009 in the Saint-Édouard district. La Petite-Patrie is definitely one of the most engaged neighbourhoods in Montreal: François quickly became an active grassroots councillor, ready to discuss projects and ideas for the neighbourhood with his fellow residents and to think about ways to increase community participation.

After the Projet Montréal leadership race in 2016, Valérie Plante appointed François as leader of the opposition; since the 2017 election, he has remained leader, but this time of the majority. His work in this capacity consists mainly of legislative preparation, serving on the executive committee, and contributing to the agenda of the City Council. He is the " director " of the democratic process in Montreal.

Among his strengths, François acknowledges his ability to persuade, which goes hand in hand with his ability to listen and his willingness to engage with people who are as passionate as he is and who push his thinking beyond the limits. Always interested in issues of citizen participation and democratic transparency, he loves involving citizens in decision-making. The educational aspect of such an approach should not be overlooked, according to him: if a project is well explained, the population can be persuaded to support it and even bring it even further and more progressive.

Land use planning is by far the issue that François is most passionate about. He wants to take up the challenge of beautifying Montréal and its neighbourhoods, to make the city a more enjoyable place to live and thrive. François wants to make Montreal the most beautiful city in the world: according to him, we never dream too big, but too often, too small. The important thing for him is to build the city intelligently and in collaboration with the community. François believes more than ever that urban planning can be a driver of sustainable development for Montreal. He is proud to contribute to building a greener and friendlier city.

Francois Limoges
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The new Projet Montréal team in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie plans to move forward with a political approach still concentrated on the ecological transition, but which will be more inclusive and more focused on citizen participation. Residents are the best experts on their neighborhoods, and it is in collaboration with them that we want to continue the grand shift toward a greener, healthier, cleaner, more friendly city, always on a more human scale.

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