Robert Beaudry

City councillor
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Robert Beaudry firmly believes that cohabitation between the people who live downtown and those who pass through is possible. And he knows a thing or two about the subject: as coordinator of the TAPAJ program and then as executive director of PAS de la rue, he has worked with people of all ages in precarious social situations or dealing with homelessness. In order to continue his social involvement and further the work he had already begun, Robert was elected city councillor in the district of Saint-Jacques, in the borough of Ville-Marie, in 2017.

Upon his arrival in office, Robert came to appreciate how well-equiped the administrative machine is to serve as a vehicle for social progress, and that the power of elected officials is complementary to that of the civil service. For a quick learner like him, humble enough to ask many questions, he quickly found his place. Obviously, the councillor for St. Jacques has two major areas to revitalize in his district: the Village and Chinatown. Before making any decisions, Robert always begins his work by meeting with all the stakeholders in a given ecosystem, which helps him better understand the issues and sensitivities involved. This was also the case for the redevelopment of the Jacques-Viger Hospital and for the advent of the Faubourgs Community Center.

Initially given the portfolio of economic and commercial development as a member of the executive committee for the entire city, Robert is now responsible for Parc Jean-Drapeau and other large parks, real estate management and planning, and housing. This last dossier brings together many of his interests, including the social side of political involvement and the building of an inclusive city where everyone has a place. Robert's experience on many governing boards has prepared him well for the more technical aspects of housing.

Robert is extremely proud to have been involved in the upcoming redevelopment of "terrain 66", in the middle of the Quartier des spectacles, where a cool island with an inspired design will replace a parking lot. The redevelopment of Parc de l'Espoir also holds a special place for him; despite differing opinions early in the process, Robert chose to continue with consultations and bring the creators of the original park into the discussion. The result? A greener, more accessible space that reaffirms the duty of remembrance to Quebec's victims of HIV/AIDS will see the light of day in the fall of 2021.

First and foremost, Robert loves people: this constant has guided his career throughout its entire (admittedly atypical) course, as well as his involvement in the public sphere for the benefit of the citizens of Saint-Jacques. As a father of two young girls, he wants to ensure that the downtown area does not become asepticized as a place to live, in seeking to make it an attractive destination Having a cohesive overall vision before taking transformative actions is therefore of the utmost importance, and Robert methodically ensures he respects this vision with each file he leads.

Robert Beaudry
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