Projet Montréal democratizes car-sharing

09 Oct 2021


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The mayor of Montréal and leader of Projet Montréal, Valérie Plante, has presented a series of measures to make self-service vehicles a more financially, accessible and simple alternative for Montrealers and families who use their own cars.

Through concrete financial incentives, Projet Montréal wants to promote the deployment of self-service vehicles in all Montréal boroughs, aiming to increase the number of SSV in Montréal by 50% in 4 years

In its next mandate, Projet Montréal is committed to :

  • Substantially reduce the cost of permits for car-sharing vehicles by 2023;
    • The permit for an electric SSV will go from $300 to $1.
    • The permit for a hybrid SSV will be reduced from $835 to $225.
    • Gas-powered SSV permits will be reduced from $835 to $600.
  • Launch a promotional campaign with employers to increase the number of dedicated car-sharing parking spaces in workplaces, offer preferential rates for groups and increase the number of subscribers.
  • Provide more spaces for car-sharing stations in municipal and on-street parking lots.


"By significantly reducing the price of parking stickers, we are encouraging the deployment of self-service cars in all boroughs, including the areas of Lachine, Lasalle and Nuns' Island that are not currently served. Each self-service vehicle removes 5 to 11 vehicles from the road, making it an essential mobility option for reducing traffic and greenhouse gases. The incentives and flexible measures that we will put in place will encourage more families, employees and students to choose car-sharing, for the benefit of Montrealers and future generations," said Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montréal and leader of Projet Montréal.

"During our first mandate, Projet Montréal took strong action to make car-sharing a real alternative to the solo car. Our team has notably reduced the cost of permits by half and authorized parking permits for SSVs in all boroughs. While the previous administration had banned SSVs in the downtown area, we opened new zones in Ville-Marie, and allowed them to be parked at parking meters. These new habits have been accepted by thousands of Montrealers and we will go even further in our second mandate to constantly improve the mobility of Montrealers," said Eric Alan Caldwell, aspiring City Councillor for the Hochelaga district.