Lisa Christensen

City Councillor
La Pointe-aux-Prairies
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Lisa Christensen has always loved the concrete and tangible side of problem-solving. A mechanic for 35 years, she has also been an instructor for her trade and been a part of the revision of the Department of Education's curriculum in the field. She likes to understand how things work, pass on her knowledge and see how she can make improvements. To apply this approach to politics is what motivated Lisa to take the plunge in 2017 and was elected borough councillor under the banner of Projet Montréal in the Pointe-aux-Prairies district.

Lisa quickly got to work and took every opportunity to re-discover the neighbourhood where her children grew up and where she has lived for over 18 years. She made it her duty to learn about all the resources available in the area and to circulate that information to residents who could benefit from it. Her discussions with volunteers from local organizations and seniors' clubs are the real driving force behind her strong engagement.

Her strong belief to ensure residents are knowledgeable about their neighbourhood services is the reason why Lisa has turned her car into her mobile office. Of course, she can be contacted at Maison du citoyen, but this dynamic councillor needs to move ! So it is in her car that Lisa goes to meet citizens and business owners who need her input or who simply want to talk. Lisa prides herself on being approachable and wants to be the one who reaches out: elected officials are there to serve the public - not the other way around. If someone tells her about a poorly lit intersection at night, she won't hesitate to go there at 11:00 p.m. to see the problem for herself. If a park seems unsafe, she will undoubtedly be found surveying it herself.

The hands-on councillor also actively participates in the committees that her role allows her to participate in. Lisa shares her knowledge and opinion as a member of the Finance and Administration Commission, the Water, Environment, Sustainable Development and Major Parks Commission and the Transport and Public Works Commission.

Lisa admits that she has learned a lot about climate change since joining Projet Montréal. The host of the "Carshow" on CJAD 800, recognizes that the mechanical industry is not the most eco-friendly! But being aware of environmental issues has led her to take small steps in her daily life that she might not have adopted if she hadn't become a borough councillor. Lisa has even revised her criteria for buying a car: she now drives a hybrid car. If a "car girl" like Lisa Christensen can change her way of seeing things...

Lisa Christensen
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The Projet Montréal team in Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles stands out for its expertise, dynamism and willingness to make things happen for the borough!

Lisa Christensen was a pioneer for Projet Montréal in the borough when she was elected councillor in Pointe-aux-Prairies in 2017. She was joined by Caroline Bourgeois as mayor in a 2018 by-election. Together, they have made tremendous positive changes for the quality of life in the borough.

With a desire to continue and accelerate their excellent work, Projet Montréal presents a strong, community-based team rooted in each of the districts: Henri-Robert Durandisse and Joseph Paglia in Rivière-des-Prairies, Daphney Colin and Lisa Christensen in Pointe-aux-Prairies, Marie-Claude Baril and Virginie Journeau in Pointe-aux-Trembles.

Making living environments safer, continuing efforts to add vegetation and protect green spaces, and developing mobility hubs are the priorities for the years to come.

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