Luc Rabouin

Borough Mayor
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
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Without knowing it, for 25 years, Luc Rabouin followed a path that prepared him to become an elected municipal official, by investing himself in social development, the environment, urban planning, participatory democracy and economic development. When the mayor of the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough announced his resignation, Luc seized the opportunity: with Projet Montréal in power for the first time at city hall, he wanted to make sure that what was started on the Plateau would continue by taking the lead in this way. In October 2019, he was elected mayor of the Plateau.

His primary goal in everything he does is to create a better living environment for all Plateau residents. To achieve this, Luc wants to go even further to counter renovictions and to create more social and affordable housing. He also wants to deconstruct the idea that improving the physical environment of a neighbourhood and its economic vitality are counterproductive to social inclusion.

Luc is also responsible for economic and business development on the executive committee. For Montreal to be healthy, we need to develop an economy that benefits the community, respects the environment, and promotes local commerce. Luc favours constructive exchanges with all groups in the Montreal economic scene. He is pleased with the broad consensus of economic actors in favour of a green and inclusive recovery, while insisting that the value of our principles can only be judged by our actions.

On the Plateau, people are also committed to the ecological transition and are letting their mayor know it! Their desire to go further and faster is evident on the ground, and this energy is driving Luc and his colleagues to stay the course. The borough’s civil servants are also in tune with the elected officials: Luc feels that everyone shares the same values and is working in the same direction.

Hyper pragmatic, Luc needs to have his ear to the ground, to talk and find solutions with people in the community needing help with problematic situations. He likes concrete things and implementing projects that meet the needs and priorities of the local community. Speaking of concrete, Luc committed himself to carrying out a participatory budget on the ecological transition. This promise was kept: the borough set aside $250,000 to support projects developed by citizens. Nearly one hundred ideas were submitted to the population for a vote, leading to the collective development of the selected initiatives.

Luc believes in the growth potential of the social and solidarity economy. He will represent the city at the World Social Economy Forum. From international outreach to local development, Luc Rabouin is proud to move our city forward so that it will be a more just, a more green and a more inclusive place to live.

Luc Rabouin
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The Team

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

Since its first election, Projet Montréal has been gradually transforming the Plateau-Mont-Royal into a green neighborhood, one which is increasingly unified and human-scaled. With renewed energy, the local team continues to focus on improving the quality of life of residents, thanks to micro-interventions throughout the borough, and by completing large-scale projects. It’s a comprehensive urban vision, which will enhance the collective social, cultural, heritage and ecological richness of the Plateau. Energies will be focused on seven main priorities:

-Ecological transition
-Access to affordable housing
-Protection of our assets
-Quality of our neighbourhoods
-Culture, leisure and social development
-Economic and commercial vitality
-Efficient, transparent and democratic administration

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