Marie Sterlin

Borough Councillor
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
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Marie Sterlin has lived in Mile End for over 16 years. It is the place where she came into the world as a committed citizen, the place where she had the chance to raise her daughter. School committees, greening committees, block party initiatives, sharing resources between neighbors: she has been involved in many ways in this neighbourhood where she has built strong ties with the community over the years.

It was in Mile End that she understood the value of acting on her environment to make it more lively, but above all more inclusive.

After working for a long time as a researcher and writer, a realization forced her to make a decisive leap into the world of documentary film in 2013. While gentrification was still little talked about at the time, she began to take a close interest in the issues related to this dynamic that plays out in our inner cities. She is currently finalizing a book project on this central question of how to share the prosperity of our neighborhoods.

Today, she feels the time has come for her to bridge these two facets: the engaged citizen and observer who has focused so much of her attention on these socio-economic dynamics.

Marie Sterlin
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The Team

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

Since its first election, Projet Montréal has been gradually transforming the Plateau-Mont-Royal into a green neighborhood, one which is increasingly unified and human-scaled. With renewed energy, the local team continues to focus on improving the quality of life of residents, thanks to micro-interventions throughout the borough, and by completing large-scale projects. It’s a comprehensive urban vision, which will enhance the collective social, cultural, heritage and ecological richness of the Plateau. Energies will be focused on seven main priorities:

-Ecological transition
-Access to affordable housing
-Protection of our assets
-Quality of our neighbourhoods
-Culture, leisure and social development
-Economic and commercial vitality
-Efficient, transparent and democratic administration

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