Marie-Andrée Mauger

Borough Mayor
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Since 2013, Marie-Andrée Mauger has represented the population of Verdun in the Desmarchais-Crawford district as borough councillor. Sound management of public funds and quality of services are at the heart of her political commitment, in addition to the greening of our borough, transparency in governance, participatory governance and a rich and vibrant community life.

Among her proudest achievements, are the Verdun beach, the implementation of an ambitious urban forestry plan, the appeasement of residential streets, the improvement of the bicycle network and the founding of the citizen movement l'Escouade verte de Verdun in 2016, which planted the seed for many other citizen groups that have formed in Verdun since.

Marie-Andrée is the mother of two children and has lived in Verdun with her husband since 2001. She fell in love with her adopted borough, which gave her the impetus to become actively involved in the community. Marie-Andrée comes from a communications and media background where she worked as a documentary filmmaker and translator, so the jump to municipal politics was indeed unexpected! Thanks to Projet Montréal, its vision, and its core values of respect, hard work and integrity, she dove into this amazing and challenging adventure.

With her two mandates as a councillor, where she was able to develop her skills in municipal management, governance and ethics, and sustainable development, Marie-Andrée is ready to further commit to public service. Marie-Andrée intends to contribute to making our community resilient to climate change, to put in place active and public transportation infrastructures, to reduce our greenhouse gases, to pursue efforts to ensure affordable housing, and to equip the borough with infrastructures such as an indoor swimming pool and a footbridge that will link the two banks of Verdun.

Marie-Andrée Mauger
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