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Sylvain Ouellet made only one New Year's resolution for 2008: to become a member of Projet Montréal... and he kept it! He first sat on the party's executive committee for two years, worked as a researcher-analyst for its elected officials after the 2009 election, and then as a support to the elected officials of the coalition executive committee formed in 2012. In 2013, Sylvain was elected city councillor for the district of François-Perrault, in the borough of Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension, and received a second mandate in 2017.

With a Bachelor's degree in business administration from HEC, Sylvain is now vice-president of the executive committee and responsible for infrastructure, water and the Montreal electricity commission. It's a perfect match for the man who describes himself as one of the elected officials who likes everything technical the most! Sylvain loves to take on the complex challenges that come before a construction project and to seize the opportunities that arise: if the sewer has to be repaired under a street that also has to be rebuilt, we don't rebuild identically, we take advantage of the opportunity to bring everything into the 21st century! Sylvain's goal is to see how to improve an intersection by greening it or making it more universally accessible and safe for everyone. With the condition of our infrastructure and Quebec’s very short summers, there will always be construction sites in Montreal. However, Sylvain can minimize the negative impacts on the people around the construction sites. One of the ways he does this is by leading the Mobility Squad, which intervenes to improve traffic flow and ensure the safety of Montrealers.

In order to meet the expectations of François-Perrault residents, Sylvain takes great pleasure in creating projects that bring out the full potential of his district. What are the priorities of the people of the district? Better urban planning regulations, traffic calming and more safe active transportation. Over time, the man who was the lead designer behind the new metro line project has sharpened his eye as an elected official and can see problems more easily. He also knows how to propose effective and innovative solutions, as in the case of the Bon-Air Park renovation. An amateur cartographer, Sylvain discovered that a stream used to run through the park: an aquatic theme was adopted for benches and other furniture and the old stream gave its name to the new place: the Ruisseau-du-Pont-à-l'Avoine Park!

This is Sylvain's favorite part of his role as an elected official: tearing down the silos and getting the departments to work together. He is very proud of having redeveloped almost all the dilapidated parks in the neighbourhood and of having acquired two pieces of land that will in turn become green spaces. Sylvain knows the importance of having places for socializing for all generations. He lives in François-Perrault with his two children and all four of his grandparents lived in the neighbourhood when he was a child.

Sylvain Ouellet
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The Projet Montréal team in Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension will work hard to make our borough more inclusive, green and dynamic, with more affordable family housing, street gardens, extensive tree and flower plantings, and attractive, enhanced commercial streets. Together, with you and for you, we can ensure that our borough and our public spaces remain vibrant and safe for all residents.

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