Anne-Marie Sigouin

Borough Councillor
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In 2011, Anne-Marie Sigouin was a woman well-anchored in her neighborhood: a mother involved in the parents' committee of her son's school, a citizen involved in the local roundtable and co-founder of the Saint-Paul-Émard Historical Society. She was also in the middle of writing her master's thesis in art history. While participating in the mobilization against the closure of the neighborhood swimming pool, she was noticed by Projet Montréal. The great diversity of the party's candidates attracted her: she joined this team representing the Montreal kaleidoscope. Anne-Marie was elected city councillor for the district of Saint-Paul-Émard-Saint-Henri-Ouest, in Le Sud-Ouest, in 2013.

Anne-Marie had to acclimatize to the municipal structure, which she compares to a huge ocean liner that must be navigated to a safe harbour. For her, being transparent with the public by explaining processes and the impact of actions taken is essential to her role as an elected official. Improving the quality of municipal services, promoting citizen participation, having an environmental focus when analyzing projects and encouraging safe active transportation remain priorities for Anne-Marie.

Chair of the Sud-Ouest's Comité consultatif d'urbanisme (CCU), Anne-Marie is also responsible for the borough's urban planning, heritage and culture files. The cultural vitality of the Sud-Ouest motivates Anne-Marie a great deal: let's mention her support for the Théâtre Paradoxe, a church converted into a cultural venue and training center, and her involvement with the Maison de la culture Marie-Uguay. These are true socio-cultural engines, at the heart of the borough's Cultural Development Plan, adopted in 2020. For Anne-Marie, an important dimension of built heritage is the recognition of the contribution of the generations that have shaped Montreal. No surprise that she thinks the involvement of seniors in their community will create a very important legacy.

Anne-Marie is also proud to see the Monk Boulevard Revitalization Action Plan come to fruition, with the Société de développement commercial (SDC) as a valuable partner. Citizens want and deserve a greener, more vibrant main street, where it is pleasant to shop on foot, encouraging local businesses.

In 2017, Anne-Marie was appointed City Councillor designate for the Ville-Marie borough and Chair of the Commission on Culture, Heritage and Sports. She initiated Ville-Marie's first Heritage Enhancement Plan to ensure that real estate development does not come at the expense of heritage protection.

Anne-Marie's third mandate will also be her last: after 12 years of public service, she believes that passing the baton is important for a healthy democracy and for better representation of Montreal's diversity. Until then, she intends to invest in every project that highlights the identity of the Sud-Ouest's neighbourhoods, while promoting dynamic, human-scaled living environments.

Anne-Marie Sigouin
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